Tango’s Agencies Program
An Ecosystem where  everyone benefits
Unlock your earning potential with Tango's Agencies Program! Earn up to 10% revenue share and watch your earnings soar as you bring in Creators. The sky’s the limit!
Tango's revenue share model ensures that Partners receive a commission on earnings for every new Creator they refer to the platform.
Our Partners offer a broad range of tools and assistance that help Creators make the most of their talent and maximize revenue potential.
Tango's Agencies Program is fundamental to our business strategy, encouraging Partners to bring quality Creators to the platform.
The partnership model creates an ecosystem where incentives are aligned and everyone benefits: Partners, Creators they bring to the platform, audiences, and Tango.
Partner Benefits
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Tango offers incentives to new Partners that bring experienced live-streaming Creators, as well as unique bonuses to successful Partners.
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Tango helps promote Partners through seasonal and tailor-made events.
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Unique tracking link
Each Partner receives a personal URL to share and track with their Creators.
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Monthly revenue share payment
Partners earn a competitive commission on the earnings of their Creators for two years.
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Personalized BI and Performance Tools
Partners have access to their dashboards on Everflow, where they can track their live Creators' performance, estimate their earnings in real-time, and optimize based on the data.
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Partners’ Success
Every Partner has a designated Account Manager (typically in their language or time zone). Account Managers guide Partners and help them grow their business portfolio by providing valuable tips and support at every stage, from onboarding and onwards.
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We are excited to invite you to join Tango’s App Resellers Program. Our program offers a high return on investment and exclusive benefits for our partners.